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The Charmed Reborn Wiki is my fanfic of Charmed and it's set 39 years after the finale. My episodes are going to be on with my url Just a quick note: if you click on one of the links and it brings you back to the Charmed Wiki, then it was information that I wasn't using (but might otherwise be needed for understanding) for my wiki. Also, the wiki acknowledges the comics (at some points, such as Prue being revived in 2008 and Melinda becoming a Whitelighter-Witch), but otherwise ignores the comics and the information depicted in them; the same goes for the novels, although they aren't technically considered charmed canon. This wiki also contains a plethora of spoilers for future episodes (although future episode pages will not have any information on the episode until it's been written), characters, powers, spells and other things. Any comments on how I'm doing or what you guys would want to see, including powers, species and characters, would be greatly appreciated!

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Evil has been reborn and a new generation of Charmed Ones were born under the Elder's noses. As The Source returns to reclaim the throne of the Underworld, all demons new and old decide they have a score to settle. The Charmed Ones have new friends, enemies, powers, spells and everything they'll need to survive the demons, now can they survive high school?

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Episode 6, Season 1–Sisters

Fed up with the arguing, Melinda insists that Lacey and Annie bond. Meanwhile, Prudence gets a visitor.

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